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Samadhi Board: Water Drawing Set for Painting, Sketching & Meditation with Natural Wood Brush &

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The Samadhi Board: Here’s the superior, genuine, authentic Samadhi drawing board measures 12.7″L x 10.4″H x 2.3” thick, made with only the finest high-quality materials for painting and art supplies.
Easy to Use: Simply fill the stand with water. Then dip in the bamboo brush (included) & start drawing, painting & writing. You’ll create rich, stunning images with a solid, professional look. Enjoy your creation in the present and practice the art of letting go and your work of art slowly evaporates. The Zen focused board always resets itself so no need to worry about final picture.
Immediate Relaxation: As you draw & write on the drawing board, you’ll let go of your worries. You’ll feel centered and calm as the joy of flowing brings you back into the present.
Meditative Relaxation: Your newly created images will fade away as the water evaporates providing a “fresh canvas” for starting over anew. Effortless way to learn the ancient Yogic art of presenceby using our water drawing board. Perfect meditation accessories for art supplies to master the art of letting go and live the present moment.
No special skill or training is required to use our drawing board set, It’s great gift for your loved ones who want to relieve stress and love creativity. Our meditation board is cool gift idea for artist women, men and adults.

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