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H&ZT Bicycle Storage Tent Bike Cover, Lawn Storage Cover, Outdoor Storage Tent for Bicycle Lawn

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✅ Unparalleled Protection: Crafted from top-notch waterproof oxford cloth, fortified with a robust PU and UV coating, our storage tent serves as an impenetrable shield against the elements. Whether it’s torrential rain, relentless sun, or swirling dust, your bicycles and tools remain unscathed. The UV protection extends up to an impressive level 50+, ensuring your possessions stay as good as new.
✅ Innovative Zipper Design: Our tent boasts a groundbreaking feature – a dual-ended zipper system enhanced with a specially designed waterproof flap. This upgrade effectively prevents rainwater from seeping through the zipper area, providing an additional layer of protection for your stored items.
✅ Portability Redefined: With a convenient matching carrying bag, taking your storage tent on the go has never been easier. Designed to accommodate most adult trikes, this tent offers ample space. At 79 inches in length and 63 inches in height, it effortlessly accommodates your equipment while maintaining a sleek and stylish appearance, perfectly complementing your outdoor aesthetic.
✅ Security and Convenience: Equipped with purposeful grommets, our tent ensures you can effortlessly secure it in place, offering peace of mind even in windy conditions. The inclusion of air vents facilitates optimal breathability, preventing unwanted moisture buildup. Furthermore, we’ve thoughtfully included fixing pegs to enhance the stability of your bike tent, making it a dependable storage solution.
✅ Tailored Dimensions: Our bike tent boasts impressive dimensions that cater to various needs. With a width of 6.6 feet (79 inches) and a height of 5.3 feet (63 inches), its accommodating design can providing ample room for your belongings.

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