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Dna My Dog Canine Allergy Test Sensitivity and Intolerance Testing Kits Home Sample Collection Kit

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NOT FUR: PROTEIN BASED INTOLERANCE & SENSITIVITY TEST: With this Home Sample Collection Kit, learning about how your pet is responding to its current diet and environment intolerances has never been so easy. The DNA My Dog Canine Allergy Test was designed to report the food and environmental intolerances your dog is reacting to. Unlike a fur test, this test measures the biological proteins found in your dog’s oral sample to measure their sensitivity to over 100 common allergens!
UNCOVER ITEMS AFFECTING YOUR PET’S WELL BEING: by measuring the intolerances and sensitivities in your pet using specific protein measurements. This process is scientifically recognized as an accurate way to measure the sensitivities in your pet. This test will offer you a complete report on everything your dog may be reactive to, so you can alter their food or environmental exposure to the items they are sensitive to, so you can also determine the safe options for your pet’s diet.
SIMPLE & EASY SAMPLE COLLECTION: When you order a kit you will be provided with a sample collection device to collect your dog’s oral sample and easy-to-follow instructions to assist you in properly collecting the sample and sending it back to us. Once we receive your sample you will have a full report within 2 to 3 weeks stating your dog’s reaction to all the items we test for.
RELIABLE DOG ALLERGY TEST KIT: With the help of our Dog Allergy Test Kit, our simple-to-use will look at over 100 allergens, both food, environmental and household based, to provide you with an accurate analysis of your pet’s intolerances and allergies. By learning which of these are affecting your dog, you can easily change your pet’s diet and keep them away from the products they show sensitivity toward!
ENSURE THE WELL-BEING OF YOUR PET: Instead of masking your pet’s health concerns with expensive and often unhealthy foods and medicines, it is recommended to get to the root cause of the problem and recognize exactly what is causing the issues and how you can avoid them. This Dog Allergy Test Kit will not just help prevent discomfort from allergies, but also help save you money on costly foods for a special diet and medications that might be needed!

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