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MacBook Air 15 inch Case 2024 2023 Release – Goods by A – Compatible with New 15 inch MacBook Air

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[Compatibility] This MacBook Air 15 inch Case is specially designed for the 15 inch MacBook Air released in 2023 only. This 15 inch MacBook Air Case is not compatible with other models of MacBooks. The model number of the compatible MacBook Air is “A2941”. If you’re wondering how to check my MacBook Air’s model number, you can scroll down to review the images.
[What is inside the box?] Our specially designed box includes; 1- One MacBook 15 inch Case. 2- A neck strap for your phone. (Compatible with all phone models.) 3- One webcam cover. (The color has been specially chosen so that it does not disturb you while looking at the screen.) 4- One screen protector. 5- One Magic Clean cleaning gel (Which we recommend instead of the keyboard protector, so that you do not lose your typing feeling.)
[Easy Setup] You can complete the installation by placing the “MacBook Air 15 inch case 2023” on your computer and pressing the corners. It’s as easy as putting on and taking off the phone case. It will not harm your computer during the process.
[Experience] Goods by A’s ultra slim computer cases do not spoil the design of your computer and do not thicken your computer. It does not create compatibility problems in your 15 inch compatible slim carry bags. Our slim design provides you with both comfort and sufficient safety as reinforced plastic is used.
[Design Box] This product was packaged with a special design box. While this specially designed box protects our products from unwanted collisions during the shipping process, the beautiful appearance of the box and its design promise you a beautiful presentation when you want to receive this product as a gift.

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