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Honeywell Home CT410B Manual 4 Wire Premium Baseboard/Line Volt Thermostat CT410B1017

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This thermostat is a non-programmable line voltage manual control (120-240 Volts)
Compatible with electric baseboards, convectors and non-inductive rated fan-forced heaters
Bimetal temperature sensor offers simple, worry-free operation
This 4-wire thermostat provides double-line break—positive OFF for easy installation
Temperature Range: 40 degreeF to 80 degreeF (4 degreeC to 27 degreeC). Heat Only
Power: 2640W @ 120 Vac, 22A resistive; 5280W @ 240 Vac, 22A resistive; 5263W @ 277 Vac, 19A resistive
Can be used to control a single electric baseboard heater, or can be used to control two or more electric heaters provided the combined load does not exceed 5280 W. No minimum load required
If this control is replacing a control that contains mercury in a sealed tube, do not place you old control in the trash. Dispose of properly. Contact you local waste management authority for instruction regarding recycling and the proper disposal of a old control

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