Bark Boxes Anti Barking Device Indoor & Outdoor Stop Neighbor Dogs from Barking & Bark Control

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Humane & Pet-Friendly Technology: Utilizing advanced ultrasonic sounds, this device is entirely safe and gentle for both humans and pets. The high-frequency sound waves are inaudible to human ears but serve as a gentle deterrent for dogs, encouraging them to stop barking.
Weatherproof All-Seasons Design: Designed to withstand any weather condition, our dog barking control devices features a robust and waterproof casing, ensuring year-round durability. Place it anywhere on your property, worry-free!
Easy Setup Indoor & Outdoor : With effortless installation, this anti-bark device requires just 1x 9V Battery (included). Its compact and portable design allows for convenient placement near your relaxation area, and the multi-directional microphone picks up barks from all angles.
Peaceful Living Made Possible: Say goodbye to sleepless nights and noisy disruptions no more barking. Our sonic bark deterrents 2023 model ensures that you and your neighbor’s can enjoy a harmonious environment without constant barking disturbances. Keep inside & outside the dog pro bark stopper.

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