BAOSHISHAN 0-100um Grindometer Stainless Steel Fineness Gauge ISO Standard Single Groove with 2

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[USING AND READING]–Put some particles on the deeper groove, then use scraper to scrape them from deeper to low groove. Immediately (not over 5 seconds) observe the tick mark of grain visible in the channel, this numerical value is the fineness.
[READING UNIT: μm]–Correspondence between micron and hegman as follows: 0 hegman=100 um 4 hegman=50 um 8 hegman=0 um
[HOW TO CHOOSE GRINDOMETER]–Choose a fineness gauge 5-10um higher than the product fineness range you measured. Single groove means only only one scraper groove, double grooves refer to two scraping grooves, which are convenient for comparison.
[NOT ONLY FOR PAINT]–Fineness gauge can measure not only the fineness of paint, but also the fineness of coatings, pigments, raw materials, plastics, printing ink and so on. In chocolate, ceramics, paper, medicine, food and other industries, it is also possible to use single groove grinding fineness design for fineness detection.

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