Premium Color Enhancing Tropical Fish Food Flakes – 2.5lb Bulk Fish Food| Suitable for all

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✅ High-Quality Ingredients: While the healthy fish flakes are made from white fish meal, it also includes shrimp, brine shrimp, plankton, krill, kelp fish oil, lecithin, and spirulina that boost the color and the nutritional value of the fish meal and improve the feed color.
✅ Fortified with Minerals and vitamins: The flakes are fortified with vitamin C, making it a complete diet for your tropical fish. Vitamins are necessary for the diet to support normal fish growth and health. They are often not synthesized by fish and must be provided in the diet.
✅ Whitefish Used: Whitefish is the most nutritious fish species. Of world fish meal production, about 90% is produced from oily species of fish (standard fish meal), such as sardine, anchovy, capelin, and mackerel, and less than 10% from white fish such as cod and haddock. White fish contains higher percentages of protein and contains less fat. Making it very healthy for your fish.
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