YC Onion Hot Dog SE 24″ Carbon Fiber Motorized Gimbal Camera Slider


Price: $279.00

Adapt to Various ModelsMobile phone, DSLR, Cinematic cameraEasily Switch to ManualQuick release belt clip, instant switch between manual and motorized versions.Carbon Fiber RailLess ThanBrGreater ThanMade of high-precision carbon fiber to reduce the weight of the slider and increase the strength of the rail.PayloadVertical payload up to 4kgLess ThanbRGreater ThanParallax & PanoramaAdjust the follow focus bar to switch between parallax and panoramic modesInterlink with DJI & ZHIYUNIntergrate sliders & stabilizers and make flexible camera movement.DJI & ZHIYUN Stabilizer APP Interlink SystemIn-depth collaboration with DJI and ZHIYUNCompatible with DJI Ronin-S, RS2 and ZHIYUN all series stabilizers.Modes switch for more movement optionsParallaxSet prlx & pan bar left end up and right end down, then screw it tight.PanoramaSet prlx & pan bar right end up and left end down, then screw it tight.ParallelSet prlx & pan bar right in the middle.Tile SlideLess ThanbRGreater ThanEither mounting on one tripod or two can get tilt shots.Dolly in & outCommon shooting techniques that can be applied to low-angle or mid-position shooting with a combination of virtual and real effects.Can be powered by LP-E6 battery and power bank.APP ControlInstant switch between two modesVideo Mo
Instant switch between manual and motorized
Support hand control
60cm Length
Interlink with DJI and ZHIYUN stabilizers in a single app to create a 4-axis motion control system

Price effective as of May 26, 2023 06:05:54 UTC

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