384 Concentration and Memory Matching Card Game Playing Cards – Includes Animals, Food, Family, and Much More


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These cards are a great way to build memory and focus in young learners while learning words and having fun. These cards cover all the topics of our “First Words” flash card set.
How to Play: Set pairs of cards face-down on the table. First player flips over two cards at a time. If the picture matches the word, player removes the matching cards and keeps them. If the cards don’t match, player flips them back over and the turn is completed. Once all the cards are taken, the player with the most cards wins!
Cards are also great for solo play and for playing Go Fish and Old Maid.
Set of cards includes: 38 animal cards, 54 food cards, 18 people cards, 18 family cards, 42 number cards, 30 verb cards, 22 object cards, 8 clothes cards, 12 transportation cards, 8 kitchen/dining cards, 14 bathroom cards, 8 school and office cards, 28 location cards, 8 landscape cards, 14 color cards, 14 adjectives and opposites cards, 20 preposition cards, 8 emotion cards and 20 body cards.

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