Polaroid Originals OneStep 600 Red Stripe with 600 Color Double Pack Film Bundle (6109)


Price: $169.99

The Polaroid OneStep 600 “Red Stripe” is a 600-type instant film camera with a distinct classic appearance that is unmistakenly Polaroid. Create new memories in peak nostalgic fashion. Each pack of 600 instant film contains a built-in, single use battery to power both the camera and flash. Polaroid’s original built-in Thyristor flash system was designed to be used indoors and outdoors. This system allows for smart energy use and quick recharge times at less than a second. The flash will automatically recharge when you load film into the camera, press the shutter halfway down, take a picture, or open the camera.
Two packs of Polaroid 600 Color Film included with purchase.
The Red Stripe camera houses a single-element 106mm f/14 lens is capable of focusing as close as 2 feet away with the integrated close-up slider.
Automatic flash with manual overide
Compatible exclusively with Polaroid 600 Film (not i-Type)
This Polaroid classic camera bundle includes a fresh Double Pack of Color 600 Film to help get you creating right out of the box.

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