Anman Racing Wheel Stand with PRO Shifter, Adjustable and Foldable Steering Wheel Stand fit for Logitech G25 G27 G29 G920 G923 Thrustmaster Steering Wheel Handbrake Shifter Pedals NOT Included


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Product Description

Foldable Tilt-Adjustable Racing Wheel Stand for Logitech G25 G27 G29 G920 G923 Fanatec Thrustmaster

Racing wheel standRacing wheel stand

Anman racing wheel stand, an ideal partner for racing games!

The “X” structure makes it stand on the ground stably, increasing stability and durability.The angle and height of the racing stand can be adjusted to the appropriate position, and the angle of the steering wheel and pedal can be adjusted to the appropriate position. As long as the nut is adjusted, it can be folded completely, and the whole process can be completed in tens of seconds. The package contains the whole stand and some accessories. It only takes a few seconds to install the accessories and start the happy game!

Steering Wheel 、Pedal 、Shifter Not Included

 Racing Wheel Stand  Racing Wheel Stand


The wall of the tube is made of 1.2mm alloy steel, the thickness of which exceeds the average level on the market, with a black anti-rust coating.

 Racing Wheel Stand  Racing Wheel Stand

Foot Mat

Four huge rubber feet are installed on the support points to protect the floor while increasing the friction so that the stand grips the ground firmly.

 Racing Wheel Stand  Racing Wheel Stand


The racing wheel stand is designed with four corners across the balance, so that the bracket can stand very smoothly on the ground. Able to withstand intense games.

 Racing Wheel Stand  Racing Wheel Stand


Game Accessories

Logitech G25 G27 G29 G920 G923Throustmaster T150 T150pro T-GT T80 T300rs (GT) T300 T500rsFerrari

Game Platform

PCPS4 PS5Xbox One

 Racing Wheel Stand

 Racing Wheel Stand

 Racing Wheel Stand

 Racing Wheel Stand

 Racing Wheel Stand

 Racing Wheel Stand

Water Cup Holder

The extra placement of the water cup holder is an excellent addition to the pleasure game! No need to worry about the placement of water cups!

Large Angle Adjustment

The racing wheel stand can be adjusted to a comfortable angle of 135°, allowing the racer’s natural freedom to flourish!


The racing bracket in the package has been pre-installed through, it only takes a few seconds to be able to install the bracket! (The above picture is the part that has been pre-installed)

 racing wheel stand

 racing wheel stand

 racing wheel stand

 racing wheel stand

 racing wheel stand

 racing wheel stand

Height Adjustment

Loosen the nuts on both arms to be able to easily adjust to the height you want, then tighten the nuts. Start a happy game journey

Angle Adjustment & Folding

The angle of the bracket can be adjusted by adjusting the screws, but also can be folded, simple operation, to get a copy of the ergonomic racing wheel stand !

Pedal Adjustment

The angle of pedal adjustment can be very free, through the two ends of the nut, able to have 9 adjustment gear!

racing wheel standracing wheel stand

Technical Specifications

Package size 23.6″ x 22.8″ x 5.5″ Packing weight 28.4 lbs Package content 1 x wheel stand / 1 x Screw bag / 1 x instructions Material 1.2mm Alloy steel Colour Black

▎ Super large shifter ▎ More specialized, allowing to accommodate a handbrake and a shifter. Meet the requirements of shifting and pulling at the same time, and start an exciting rally!
▎ Pay Attention ▎ Size changes. It is recommended that players under 6 feet tall buy it.
▎Durable Wheel Stand ▎The racing wheel stand is made of alloy steel, with sufficient hardness and very strong. Black antirust paint is attached to the support surface to protect the support from corrosion. There are four huge rubber foot pads at the bottom.
▎Pleasant Experience ▎ “X” structure, four corner span balanced structure. Ensure that it is not easy to shake and shift in the fierce racing game. The large pedal area can comfortably place the legs, so that every racing driver can comfortably complete a race!
▎Fully Adjustable ▎The “X” type of steering wheel stand is designed to better adjust to a comfortable angle, and the overall height of the stand is adjustable. The steering wheel and pedal angle can be adjusted, and the water cup holder and handbrake can be changed.
▎Foldable & Compac ▎The bottom nut of the stand can be folded after adjustment, which only takes a few seconds. After playing happily, you can store it in the open space such as sofa, corner, bed bottom and storage room. It is the perfect choice for players with limited storage space!

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