MORLEY Analog Multi FX Pedal (AFX-1)


Price: $489.02

The Analog Multi FX is an Authentic Analog Multi Effects Pedal equipped with everything you need to get the job done on stage and in the studio. It’s got a Switchless Optical Wah, Distortion, Effects Loop, Stereo Chorus, and Echo. Even better t hese are reissues of classic MORLEY circuits leading all the back to the 1970’s. And speaking of the 70’s it also has a new finish that pays homage to the original chrome MORLEY pedals. It’s Heavy – Duty spun stainless steel that’s Built like a Tank and look s great under stage lights. Each one is hand spun at MORLEY’s Illinois facility.

Price effective as of Feb 02, 2023 05:22:04 UTC

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