Electric Shock Digital Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers Adults and Deaf, No Snooze Smart Watch with Bluetooth APP, 180mAh USB Magnetic Charging Battery Safe Silent Alarm Wristband for Teens Men Women


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Safely, Quickly And Easily Solve Following Problems:

Heavy Sleepers / Deaf

Delayed Work/Flight/Exam Time …


Drowsiness easily, safety hazard.


Sleepy, lack of energy, Easy to make mistakes.


Lack of concentration, affecting learning efficiency.



Adjustable Zap Intensity

Adjustable Zap Intensity





What’s the use?

Surprise For Heavy Sleepers And Deaf Person

Waking up Wakes up even the heaviest sleepers. Choose the time you want to be up, customize your stimulus.

Good Habits

Our watch will help you build good habits in just a few weeks .

Improve Work Efficiency

Auto Zap will keep your brain awake all the time.

How’s the effect?

70-80% intensity is enough to wake up heavy sleepers immediately.

10% ≈ 230V


30% ≈ 360V

80% ≈ 500V


100% ≈ 512V

Is it safe?

Pulse high voltage, Low frequency current, People are absolutely safe!
Strong impact, No tingling.
Choose the appropriate strength according to your needs.

What’s in the packaging?

TPU Wristband
Magnetic power cord
English User Manual
Packing box

Technical Parameter

FITZAP (not support for Samsung)

User Manual Download Link

Q&A Download Link

Auto update according to APP time

Watch, APP display

Aviation aluminum body

Operation mode

Screen type
TFT color display

Screen size
1.3 inches

Screen material
2.5D tempered glass

Battery type
200mAh polymer lithium battery

Charging voltage/current
Over 5V/1A

Charging time
1.5 hours

Use time
5-8 days

42*35*9.8mm / 1.65*1.37*0.38in

220g / 7.7oz

HEAVY SLEEPERS AND HEARING IMPAIRMENT? ZAP electronic pulse, NEVER NAP, WAKE UP INSTANTLY! Can set 5 different time, At set time, safe pulse current is released immediately, so that the wearer wakes up immediately, NO MORE SNOOZE. Best travel alarm clock!
DEVELOP GOOD HABIT? With timed electric shocks, the brain generates aversion and remembers, and finally a conditioned reflex is formed, and you will automatically wake up whenever the set time is reached. SILENT ALARM will not affect others.
STUDY / DRIVING SLEEPY? The auto ZAP mode can repeatedly electric shock at a certain rate within a certain time range, so that the wearer can stay awake at all times, avoiding inefficiency and even endangering the lives of themselves and others.
DIFFICULT TO USE? Smart watch is equipped with Bluetooth and APP, allowing you to set the alarm time, ZAP Strength, ZAP rate, etc in the APP. The watch can turn off the alarm/auto ZAP with one key, which is super convenient to use.
ANY OTHER CONCERNS? Aviation aluminum alloy body; 1.3-inch TFT digital color display watch, high value for everyone’s aesthetics; Built-in 180mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which can be fully charged via USB magnetic charging …..
APP currently does not support for Samsung phones.
User Manual Download Link: qrco.de/bcqO9d
Q&A Download Link : qrco.de/bcttRo

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