Riversmerge RFID White Ceramics Smart Finger rewrite Ring T5577 Chip 125KHZ Wear for Men or Women (White Blank Ring 10#)


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Product details:
Chip: T5577 125Khz blank, T5577 125Khz programmed.
Frequency: 125kHz
Inner diameter of ring: 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm
Color: White
Material: zirconia cormic + epoxy resin
Sensing direction: Omnidirectional sensing
Sensing distance: 0-10cm (Depends on reader)
Packaging: One RFID smart ring + One instruction
1.Before you buy the ring, please make sure the frequency. We have two kinds:
T5577 125Khz: In-built with blank T5577 chip, can copy the tag like TK4100/EM4100/EM4200. It can not directly use for access control device.
Programmed 125Khz: In-built with pre-programmed T5577 chip, can directly used for TK4100/EM4100/EM4200 125Khz compatible access control device. It can not use to copy other 125Khz tag.
2.When use ring to copy card, please make sure if the card you want to copy is encrypted. If the card is encrypted, make sure your copier has ability to copy encrypted card. If you have bought similar blank dublicable product(like key, card, wristband) and successfully copied your old card, then most possibility our product can copy your old card with your copier.
3.Some access machine work with encrypted tag, our ring can not work even the frequency and protocol is compatible. At this situation, you should ask the reader supplier to authorize the ring.
4.Our T5577 125kzh ring is blank, it can not directly used for access reader if without copied and written. Our programmed 125Khz ring is programmed, it can not used for copy other tag.
5.Our ring is not NFC ring, it can not work with phone.

T5577 125Khz ring In-built with copyable T5577 chip, can copy the tag like TK4100/EM4100/EM4200.
T5577 125Khz ring is blank, it can not directly used for access reader if without copied or written.
Please note: due to the sensing distance of our smart ring, if you wear it on your hand, it may have weak sensitivity. It is recommended to take off the ring for sensing.T5577 125Khz ring is RFID ring, not NFC ring, it can not directly work with NFC phone.
T5577 125Khz ring uses 360-degree omni-directional sensing technology, the sensing effect is much higher than similar products in the market.
T5577 125Khz ring is made of zirconia ceramic material, which is very comfortable to wear.

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