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This funny kitchen dirty clean dishwasher magnet sign is a perfect addition to any home organization! Simply slide the indicator to the right or left to show if the dishes need to be emptied or if they are dirty! This has a very strong magnet so the dishwasher door can be opened and closed without it falling off! This measures overall length of 7 inches and 2 inches tall, with each sliding window measuring 3 inches! Perfect size to read but not overtake the kitchen decor! No matter if you or your friend have farmhouse decor, boho decor, retro decor, or anything in between, these neutral colors will please anyone! Use this as an essential home kitchen gadget to help you keep organization in your house! This makes the perfect gift for house organization must haves! Kitchen gadgets are always an easy and nice gift to give! Perfect for Christmas, Stocking stuffer, Mothers day, Fathers day, Birthday, or a house warming gifts new home! Even great for wedding registry! Tell your friends they can use it with their dish washer, but it can also be used for laundry room organization too! Simply stick it to your washing machine or dryer to keep your laundry organized too! This clean dirty magnet for dishwasher will never go out of style and can be used for many years to come. Your friends will laugh at this funny, fun and hilarious magnetic clean/dirty sign!
This funny magnetic dishwasher magnet should be on everyone’s list of must haves for kitchen organization and storage! Simply slide the indicator to one side or the other to show if the dishes are clean or dirty. This makes this essential chore a lot more fun! Then the next person will know if they need to empty the dishes or continue loading dirty dishes! This is definitely on the list of kitchen gadgets needed to keep a clean and organized kitchen and home!
Whether you are looking to get a new dishwasher magnet clean dirty sign for your home kitchen or looking for a gift, this one is perfect! Make your friend or family member laugh with this hilarious message! This dish washer magnet makes a great addition to house warming gifts for new home, a birthday gift, Christmas gift, stocking stuffer, Mothers day gift, Fathers day gift, or just because you know your loved one would appreciate this fun and funny sliding dishwasher magnet in the new home or apartment!
This magnet is a perfect size for your dishwasher! This measures an overall length of 7 inches and a height of 2 inches. Each sliding section measures 3 inches in the opening of the window. The neutral colors will fit into any home kitchen! It is a large magnet so you can clearly see if the sign indicates dirty/clean but not too large that it overtakes the dishwasher and kitchen decorations! Add this to your list of kitchen necessities and accessories to keep your home running smoothly!
This can also work for your laundry room organization! If you are tiered of family members not paying attention to your laundry area, hampers, washer and dryer needing to be emptied or switched around, this empty dirty clean magnet will help! Great house organization must haves! Your dirty/clean sign will let everyone know if clothes are dirty or clean and can be emptied!
This dirty clean dishwasher magnet has a very strong magnet that will not fall off your dishwasher as it is opened and closed. Great quality that will last no matter if you do dishes once a week or several times a day! This clean dirty sign for dishwasher also comes with stickers in case your dishwasher is non magnetic. Perfect essentials and home gadgets for any household. Make kitchen storage fun with this clean dirty magnet for dishwasher!

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