REYSURPIUS 2 Pack 44 Key RGB LED Strip Light Remote Controller Wireless Dimmer IR Remote Control,led Light Remote Control Replacement,Reemplazo remoto LED,for SMD 5050 3528 2835 RGB LED Light Strip

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led remote receiveled remote receive

Size:44 Key Remote

8 Light Pattern Quick / Slow / Auto / Flash / 7 color fade change / 3 color fade change / 7 color jumpy change / 3 color jumpychange R / G / B increase and decrease control ,44 keys infrared controller which has 6 keys(DIY keys) for momories the colors what you preferred Features It is widely used for controlling a variety of LED lamp. For instance, point-source light, flexible strip light,wall washer light, glass curtain wall light and so on. 44 key IR Remote Color 20 Colors Remote controller dimension 4.8 in(L) ×2.1 in(W) × 0.28 in (H) Package Quantity 2 x 44Key Remote

led light receiveled light receive

About 44Key Controller DIY function

Please follow the steps below: Step 1: turn on the lights. Press one of the RGB buttons. For example, press red button if you want to DIY red color. Step 2: Press the DIY1 button (the lights will change to white color for the first time). Step 3: Press and hold (at least 5 seconds) green and blue down arrow buttons, the lights will start changing. If you need lighter red color, press and hold the red up button, the longer you hold, the lighter red color you have. You can also press green and blue down, the changing will be more clearly Step 4: Keep the color you just set by pressing the DIY1 button again. Step 5: Repeat the steps above to set the rest of five DIYs

44key remote44key remote

led receiverled receiver


because the line sequence of RGB light bar in each factory is not unified,But This product can easily solve the problem that the controller does not correspond to the light. First turn off the switch, then press the “JUMP3” button in the lower left corner, and then press the “FADE7” button in the lower right corner. Then press the three keys R.G.B to adjust to the color you want. If it does not correspond for the first time, please repeat it several times. There are 6 kinds of line sequence(You have to have a switchable program in your controller

When your remote control is lost or the battery is out of power, you don’t have to pay a high price to buy a complete set of lights again. You just need to buy this small remote control to help you solve the problem, and even do not have to carry out the troublesome assembly. You just need to pull out the gasket to use it
6 DIY keys, you adjust the R/G/B color freely. Infrared wireless remote control, very easy to control LED RGB light strip. Adjust brightness, turn lights on or off, 16 multicolored options, 5 light patterns: Static/ Flash/ Strobe/ Fade-change/ RGB Smooth-change.
Remote control doesn’t work. First, pull out the plastil piece before use. Then connect ir controller with led strip, it doesn’t work, disconnect the strip bar, reverse link. If the remote control still does not work, contact us to change a new one please.
If the buttons don’t control the right colors. First, you can press the remote control switch button , turn off the light strip.Then press the FADE7 button(the last button below the right), The light strip will flash.Then press the switch button to turn on the light strip, the buttons can control the correct color. If not, repeat the above steps until the button can control the correct color.If not, repeat the above steps. (You have to have a switchable program in your controller)

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