AmScope 40X-1500X Inverted Phase-Contrast + Fluorescence Microscope with 5MP Global-Shutter Low-Light Camera

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The IN480T-FL is our top-of-the-line inverted epi-fluorescence microscope, accommodating diverse observation methods including brightfield, phase-contrast, and epi-fluorescence. The inverted form and modular stage design allow for a wide range of specimen mounts and containers. A wide range of customizations in the Koehler transmitted illumination system provide flexibility and precise control to allow you to achieve optimal results. The reliable and intuitive design ensure you will spend more time focused on your research. Optics The infinity-corrected optical system eliminates optical errors when using filters and other in-line components, ensuring highly precise images. Five brightfield objective lenses provide a wide magnification range from 40X to 600X, with plan-achromatic corrections for high resolution, accurate colors, and edge-to-edge sharpness. Additionally, three phase-ring equipped objective lenses can be used for phase-contrast observation. Viewing Head The viewing head has a 45&deg incline and Siedentopf interpupillary adjustment for flexibility and comfort. The CX series photo-port uses interchangeable camera mounts to support a variety of imaging solutions. The included 23mm tube mount accommodates our huge selection of microscopy cameras with 23mm reduction lenses. Several optional mounting adapters are available for C-mount cameras, including mounts with integrated reduction to optimize field-of-view based on sensor formats. The viewing platform is equipped with a sliding shutter to isolate the light path when using a camera, avoiding stray light from the oculars. Koehler Transmitted Illumination The Koehler transmitted illumination system consists of a centerable 30W halogen lamp, a field lens with iris, and a centerable, height-adjustable condenser with iris. This allows for highly-efficient, optimized illumination for maximum resolution and contrast. The swing-out condenser mount allows the entire condenser assembly to be laterally rotated out of the way for easier specimen placement, and for larger containers. A slide-in annulus board provides two centerable phase-contrast annuli, as well as an open setting for brightfield or for use with colored filters for band-isolation or color-correction. Epi-fluorescence Illumination A 100W mercury-vapor episcopic illuminator provides wide-spectrum lighting for fluorescence excitation. Two filter blocks can be mounted and alternated during observation. Blue and green excitation blocks are included to cover a wide range of common fluorophores. Filters Filter Set Excitation Center Wavelength / Bandwidth Dichromatic Mirror Cut-on Wavelength Emission Center Wavelength / Bandwidth B1 480nm/30nm 505nm 535nm/40nm Common Stains: Alexa Fluor 488, Cy2, FITC G1 560nm/40nm 600nm 635nm/60nm Common Stains: Texas Red, Cy3.5, Mito Tracker Red Mercury HBO Excitation Mercury HBOlamps produce a wide spectrum of wavelengths, including ultraviolet. While this fluorescent light-source can excite fluorophores throughout its entire spectrum, there are peak wavelengths with optimal output. The included filter blocks will accommodate a wide range of fluorophores, although the nature of mercury arc lamps limits effectiveness outside of the peak wavelengths. Band Peak Wavelength UV 334nm, 365nm V 405nm B 436nm G 546nm Y 578nm Specifications Technical drawings with measurements (in mm) Optical System Infinity-corrected Head Trinocular, 45° incline Interpupillary Adjustment Siedentopf compensation-free gemel, 50mm-76mm Ocular Diameter 30mm Eyepieces 10X FN22mm plan wide-field Photo-port CX-type height-adjustable, 23mm tube Objective Turret quintuple Focusing System Focus Adjustment Coaxial Coarse/Fine, adjustable tension Fine Division 0.002mm Coarse Stroke 38mm Fine Stroke 0.2mm Stage fixed-height, mechanical X-Y translation Stage Dimensions 160mm x 250mm stage extension: 70mm x 180mm Stage X-Y Travel Range 120mm x 80mm Specimen Holders Terasaki plate, Petri dish Transmitted Illumination 6V 30W halogen variable intensity centerable lamp Condenser NA 0.3, centerable Condenser Working Distance 72mm maximum Phase Contrast Annuli 4X/10X and 20X/40X Power 90-240VAC 50/60Hz wide-band for international use Objective Lenses Magnification Corrections NA Working Distance Cover-glass Thickness 4X plan achromatic 0.13 10.4mm 1.5mm 10X plan achromatic 0.25 7.30mm 1.5mm 20X plan achromatic 0.40 6.79mm 1.5mm 40X plan achromatic 0.60 3.08mm 1.5mm 60X plan achromatic 0.70 1.71mm 1.5mm 10X phase-ring 0.25 7.30mm 1.5mm 20X phase-ring 0.40 6.80mm 1.5mm 40X phase-ring 0.60 3.08mm 1.5mm Magnification Chart Eyepiece Objective 4X 10X 20X 40X 60X 10X 40X 100X 200X 400X 600X Contents One microscope One photo port One mechanical stage attachment One condenser Five brightfield objective lenses Three phase-contrast objective lenses One pair of 10X eyepieces One glass stage insert One metal stage insert Three specimen holders One phase-contrast annulus board One centering telescope Two bulbs Two power cables One dust cover One fluorescence lamp housing One power supply for fluorescence lamp One mercury HBO bulb One B1 filter block One G1 filter block One UV-blocking light shild
40X-1500X inverted phase contrast fluorescence microscope
40X-1500X inverted phase contrast fluorescence microscope
40X-1500X inverted phase contrast fluorescence microscope
Five brightfield powers and three phase contrast settings
Color corrected infinity optical system (CSIS) w/ Plan optics
30W wide band voltage Kohler illumination
5MP low-light global-shutter camera with advanced editing, processing & measuring software for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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