AEGISLINK Wireless Interconnected Smoke Detector Fire Alarm, Smoke Alarm Fire Detector with Transmission Range of Over 820 ft, Replaceable Battery, S-RF220, 3-Pack

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AEGISLINK Battery Smoke Alarms

AEGISLINK Interlinked Alarms

Smoke and CO Alarms

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AEGISLINK specializes in designing and manufacturing reliable home safety products that protect people around the world. Our mission is simple—we want to keep every family and their property safe every second of every day.

RF Interlinked: These alarms use wireless radio frequency technology to both transmit and receive messages regarding hazards in the home so that when one alarm sounds, they all do, informing everyone of the emergency
10-Year Lifespan: The durable and long-lasting design ensures 10 years of stable, reliable performance for complete peace of mind, keeping your home and family safe for a decade
Wide Communication Range: Over 820 ft (250 m) transmission range outdoors enables you to extend the coverage and protection of interconnected alarms, so your entire home is well-protected with no blind spots
One-Button Control: Simply press the test/silence button on one of the alarms to test or silence the entire interlinked system
Complete Home Coverage: Up to 24 AEGISLINK RF wireless alarms (S-RF200/S-RF220/SC-RF200/SC-RF220) can be interlinked to fully protect your home, even across multiple stories

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