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HDMI+VGA Dual Screen Output: HDMI, VGA and 3.5mm jack can be collocated freely and output at the same time or separately. Transmitted signal is crystal clear, able to stream uncompressed HD video & audio with ease. Signal experiences ultra low latency (real time) even when streaming 3D video to a 1080p device
No WiFi Required: Place a TV anywhere within 164 feet from the source with included transmitter and receiver. Simply connect the transmitter to a set top box, gaming console, or other HDMI output device and connect the receiver to any HD display
Plug and Play: Get up and running in 20 seconds with a true plug-and-play experience. Connect the transmitter to the HDMI source, then connect the receiver to the secondary HDTV, and you are ready to go. Operates on standard 802.11 5GHz
Horizontal and Vertical: Watching video in horizontal screen, short video and live broadcast in vertical screen, one-click switching, meeting various scenarios. *Switching Method: One-click the Receiver Function Key
Highly Compatible: HDMI interface is highly compatible and can be convertible to other interfaces. The device with HDMI interface can be used directly, and the device without HDMI interface can be used with HDMI converter. Wirelessly stream true 1080p high definition 3D video & digital audio to your TV or projector. Watch movies & TV shows from your laptop, PC, MacBook, A/V receiver, gaming console, PS4/5, Xbox, Switch, cable/satellite
5G Transmission: 5G transmission protocol, the signal is stronger and more stable, play games, watch video HD smooth ultra low latency
Mirror Mode & Extended Mode: Mirror Mode: Small screen becomes large screen, and the details are clearer. Extended Mode: Small screen and large screen display different contents without interference

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