L Shape 4-Pin RGB LED Connectors 6 Packs CENOZOIC 10mm Wide Right Angle Corner Solderless Adapter Connector Terminal Extension Connectors for 5050 SMD RGB LED Light Strips


L Shape 4-Pin RGB LED Connectors are solution for 10mm 5050 RGB LED strip lights Right Angle Corner connection and extension needs.
Make sure your LED light strip is 10mm width IP65 and non-waterproof RGB strip lights with 4 soldering pads.(Not work for 8mm, 12mm width led light strips. )
Technical Data 
Working Voltage:Below 24V 
Max Current of Pin: 3A
Pin Quantity: 4pin 
Workable PCB Width: 10mm   
Working Ambient TEMP.: -20~50℃
 Installation tips: 
1.Cut the strip straight perfectly, then fully open the clip.
2.Push the strip in until it hits the backing, and let the pins contact the connector, and press hard down with tools to make sure the PINS puncture through the strips. (Note: No need peel off the silicone on the surface of led light strip when you want to connect WATERPROOF LED strip.) 
3.Reminder: Just be sure polarity nodes are matched up “+” to  “+” and “-” to “-“.
 If you have any problem about installation, please feel free to contact us.We will share you some videos to help you.
 Package includes: 6pcs 10mm wide L Shape 4-Pin Connectors
*EASY TO USE: No need to removing adhesives backing before attach connectors.
* Suitable for waterproof strips: No need to peel a small portion of the waterproof protective cover off of the strip in order to connect the lights.
* 100% NO wrong colors to display: Frontal piercing with 100% contact does not cause the wrong colors to display.
*TIPS:L Shape 4-Pin RGB LED Connectors is 10mm Wide Solderless Terminal Extension Connectors for 5050 SMD RGB LED Light Strips

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