Speaker Isolation feet 3/4 Set of Active Speaker Feet, Stand Feet Audio Speaker Feet Accessories Turntable DIY Home Theater 25mm Anti-Vibration feet (Color : 4 Wood Stand)


Specifications: Model: M23*20
Material: Sandalwood
Total length of nails: 20mm
Foot pad diameter: 23mm
Foot pad height: 4mm
Product height (nails and pads): 23mm
Colour: Black
Stand feet include double-sided tape
There are three sizes, 23mm, 33mm and 43mm, you can click the link to buy other sizes.

⭐New appearance design, absolutely high-quality classic high-profile.
⭐Speaker feet can be used for hi-fi speakers or speaker frames.
⭐Amplifier isolation nails can be placed under the speakers, as well as under the shock plate and shock mount.
⭐ It ends at the ground, which minimizes harmful vibrations.
⭐ Eliminates debris between the floor and speakers for pure natural sound.
Speaker isolation feet can be used for HiFi speakers or speaker frames.
Speaker peak pads can be placed under the horns, as well as under the shock plate and shock mounts.

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