MaximalPower 2-Pack 3.5mm Listen Only Acoustic Tube Earpiece with One Pair Medium Earmolds for Two-Way Radios | Compatible with Motorola, Vertex, Hytera Radios for Surveillance, Police, Security


This model of the MaximalPower-617-1N listens-only earphone is designed for law enforcement officers, firemen, EMTs, Sports, Fairground and other professionals who wear their radio with a microphone on their shoulder or clipped to their shirt. If your mic has a 3.5mm jack, this earphone will click on it, providing you with the ability to securely hear broadcasts without everyone else in the area over the hearing. This is great when you are at a Fairground and do not want to bother other player but even better when you are making an arrest and do not want the suspect or others to hear every broadcast. The HYS TC-617-1N listen-only earpiece is the comfortable and secure way to privately listen to your radio. The Clear HYS TC-617-1N Earphone is formed from high-grade surgical tubing, which is attached to a high output speaker that connects discreetly below the shirt collar. The HYS TC-617-1N comes complete with left and right medium fitted rubber ear-molds. This is designed to fit Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Vertex, Ritron and Maxon radios and mics.

Works with any radio, Remote mic, and speaker mic (3.5mm connector)

Speaker Microphone for Systems Portables, With 3.5mm socket for earpiece

Compatible with Kenwood Speaker Microphone Models Number: KMC-45 KMC-25 KMC-26

Compatible with Motorola Speaker Microphone Models Number: PMMN4013A PMMN4029 PMMN4015A PMMN4021A PMMN4022A PMMN4074 PMMN4024A PMMN4075 PMMN4076 PMMN4075 NMN6154B NMN6128C etc

WORKS WITH 3.5MM EARPIECE JACK Fits two-way radios (audio only), radio speaker mics, remote mics, MP3 players, and other audio accessories.

Packaging includes:

2*TC-617-1N Listen-Only earphone (Total Length: 33.5″ – unstretched)
1* left and right Medium Ear-molds
3.5mm Listen Only Earphone with hearing protection and sound press certification (Total Length: 33.5″ – unstretched)
Great for use in crowded or loud environments
Open Ear Insert Earmolds are designed for use on two-way radio acoustic tube type surveillance earpieces
This is designed to fit Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Vertex, Ritron and Maxon radios and Remote mic

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