Echo Show 5 Adjustable Stand, Stand only for Amazon Echo Show 5, Horizontal 360 Rotation Longitudinal Angle Change Base – Black AB010-01

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Adjustable Aluminum Swivel Stand for Echo Show 5 The ATOPHK Aluminum stand for Echo Show 5, Supports Horizontal 270° Rotation, Longitudinal Angle Change, Change,Skidproof, Home and Office application Specification Material: Solid GB luminum Color: Black Detailed Size: 3.95*3.95*1.83 Inch (L * H * W) Net Weight: 160 g Total Weight: 180 g Contact us Any quality problem with product or unhappy shopping experiences, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will try our best to satisfy you. Your great support and interest are Our biggest motivation for innovating & improving our services.
We also use the Show for video calling. The tilt adjustability also enhances the function of the show for that function. If the manufacturing quality of the unit stands the test of time, we will be very pleased with this functional addition to the Show. We use our show for family calls. This base is substantial and sturdy. It swivels and angles easily. This makes the Echo Show into what ought to be.
Fits like a glove…easy to install…will turn 360 degrees very well built.
I have echo shows around my house for the everywhere music so i don’t have to yell for Alexa from one room to another. This stand swivels and raises it without making it look like its an add on. I love it. I am very impressed with my new Echo Show stand. I wanted a stand that would swivel and tilt so I can adjust the viewing angle.
when I use the Echo Show. I also wanted the show “up” off the counter to protect it and be able to clean around it easily. When I searched for these features several came up on Amazon but I liked the fact that this stand actually into the bottom of the Echo.

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