Anman Racing Simulator Cockpit With Racing Seat fit for PC/PS4/XBOX ONE Racing Wheel Stand Video Game for Logitech G25/27 G29 G920/923 Fanatec Thrustmaster T500RS T300RS, NOT Include Wheel Shifter Pedal


Anman racing wheel stand is trying to make your wonderful racing journey!
Unique design, solid structure, alloy steel, cabin structure that can install seats. Protect your racing journey.
The whole racing stand has excellent rigidity and durability. The steering wheel stand can bear a weight of 200 pounds. The size of the stand can be adjusted according to the body shape, which is very convenient.

☀ Unique Design
The narrow stand on the upper body can easily extend under the desk to reduce the occupied area. There are three cross bars in the middle to ensure the stability of the racing support. The pedal mount has a large area and there is no shelter nearby, which can support large pedals.

☀Free Adjustment
The steering wheel stand can be shortened, the height and length of the stand can be adjusted, and the racing drivers can adjust to a comfortable position by themselves. The shift lever of the racing stand can be telescopic up and down, or installed on the left or right, which can be installed according to your preference.

☀ Attached Racing Seat
This page contains racing seats. The racing seat is made of high-density sponge, which is soft and breathable. The outside is wrapped in cotton cloth, which has strong air permeability. The seat is widened and enlarged as a whole, enough to accommodate racing drivers of any size. Let’s have a happy racing trip!

☀ Broad Compatibility
Our racing simulation cockpit and mainstream brands: Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920, Some parts of thustmaster T500rs, T300rs, TX f458, Ferrari GTE, fantac need fixture installation. Support PC, Xbox, PS4 and other game platforms.

Color: Black
Material: Alloy steel
Package size: 23.6 “x19.7” x5.9 “
Package weight: 34.5lbs
Note: This product will be sent in two packages. Please don’t worry.

▎ Characteristic Design ▎The narrow and long shape is deeply loved by racing drivers. It is an upgraded racing stand, which optimizes the pedal stand and bottom, and adds a seat stand. More professional. Double stability! In line with ergonomic design, better enjoy the game!
▎Professionalism ▎ Heavy racing wheel stand brings you great professionalism. Even if you are an amateur, you can immerse yourself in the real racing experience!
▎With Racing Seat ▎The outside of the seat is wrapped in TPU artificial leather close to the skin. The interior is a high-density sponge, soft and breathable. The color matching of red and black is your excellent racing partner.
▎ Adjustable ▎The height and length of the racing cockpit are adjustable. The built-in seat mount can adjust the height. The shift lever can be adjusted in height or placed on the left or right. Whatever you like!
▎Wide Compatibility ▎ Steering wheel and gear lever with pre mounting holes. Such as steering wheel, shifter and pedal of Logitech G25、G27、G29、G920, StruthMaster, Thrustmaster T500RS, T300RS,Ferrari GTE etc are supported. Some products need to use fixtures.

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