HOMENOTE Plant Pots, 6Pcs 7″ Self Watering Pots High Drainage Planters with Attached Saucer Reservoir and Watering Lip, for Indoor & Outdoor Flowers Plants Windowsill Gardens- White


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Welcome to HOMENOTE Functional Indoor Planter Series

This series of plastic flower pots designed with matte white and black finishing exterior in soft, the classic straight shape is the best choice for all plant lovers. It can realize the self-watering function and provide an excellent drainage system. The reservoir and watering lip at the bottom make it easier for you to take care of the health of the plants. If you are looking for a set of elegant and functional plant pot then these are the choice to make!


Suggestions for the use of flower pots:

We recommend that you water the plant through the mouth during the seedling period. At this time, the roots have not grown long enough to reach the reservoir. With a good drainage system, you don’t have to worry about watering too much.

If you want to repot your houseplant to this new pot,please remove old, tired soil and pour a layer of fresh potting soil into the new planter and pack it down into the “reservoir” in the bottom of the pot,and make sure the new and old soil of your plants is blended together.

Different plants have different watering needs. This goes hand in hand with the point below. For instance, Peace Lilies will need watering more often than Snake Plants.







Observe the water level of the reservoir here to determine whether you need to pour or add water. The lip is detachable

The thickness of 4MM is thicker than other flower pots on the market, it is durable and does not feel cheap

Through this structure, part of the soil is in contact with the water in the reservoir to achieve a long-term self-watering effect







On the Windowsill

On the Table

On the Plant Stand


Ceramic, Wood Plastic Plastic

7.5inch 4inch 4inch

Drainage Hole

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Unique Self-Watering Stucture: HOMENOTE uses clever design to separation the water reservoir and the growing medium, lifting your plant above the water. The downwardly extending space in the center of the bottom allows the soil to contact the water in the reservoir, and deliver water directly to plant roots. Thereby allowing the plant to drink at its own pace.
Excellent Drainage Design: These plant pot designed an all-round drainage holes similar to a strip mesh, the drainage hole arrangement at the bottom ensures absolute excellence drainage and ensure that there will be no blockages.These drainage holes provide space for the roots to pass through and directly reach the reservoir for continuous access to water and nutrients, keeping its delicate root system from being constantly floodedt.
Both a Saucer and a Reservoir: The first step to realize self-watering is to have a reservoir. Our ingenious design enables the tray and the planter body to be closely connected, turning the tray into a water reservoir. When you pick up the flowerpot, it will not fall off even if there is water in the tray.
Watering Lip – Another way of watering: Self watering planters solve the inconsistency in watering by allowing the plant to drink from a reservoir on an as needed basis. The gap here can make the roots breathable and make it easy for you to observe the water level in the reservoir. When there is water shortage, you can add water through the watering lip.
Both Functional and Ornamental: These 7 inch indoor planters are made of 4mm thick plastic, which makes them strong, unable to deform or break. The straight shape and the integrated tray make these simple and clean plastic planters have a very beautiful effect when placed indoors.

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