Foam Molding and Sculpting Clay with Tools for Cosplay, Props, Crafts (400g Black, 15g White, 6-Piece Set)


Add this set of molding clay for cosplay to your arts and crafts supplies to start sculpting an endless list of animals and shapes. The clay set includes 2 colors to ensure you have more than enough material for multiple craft projects. Our sculpting kit comes with 3 detailing tools.
Air Dry Clay: The cosplay foam clay dries within 24-48 hours depending on the size of your project; please note this clay is not to be baked in the oven
2 Colors: The modeling clay kit includes black and white sculpting foam, ensuring you can add detailed accents to your projects
Multi-Purpose: Once hardened, our molding foam can be sanded, painted, cut, or glued to other pieces; great for cosplay, props, sculpting, costumes, and crafting
Sculpting Tools: Use the dual sided sculpting tools to carve out intricate details, you will have 6 different sculpting tips to choose from
What’s Included: You will receive 400 grams of black clay, 15 grams of white clay, 1 plastic container, and 3 dual sided sculpting tools

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