DUNZHITECH 2-Port 44 Keys RGB Wireless IR Remote Control Box and UL Certificate DC 12V 2A 24W Power Supply Adapter for 3528 2835 5050 RGB LED Strip Lights Flexible Tape Lighting


Product Description

2-Port Remote Controller and 12V2A Power Adapter Kit



Input Voltage: 100~240V ac 50/60HzOutput Voltage: 12V DC 2APOWER: 24W MAXDC head: ∮5.5mm*2.1mm*10mmThe length of the wire: 4Ft(1.2M)Protection Feature: 1 Over Temperature ProtectionProtection Feature: 2 Over current ProtectionProtection Feature: 3 Over Voltage ProtectionProtection Feature: 4 Short Circuit Protection


2 Port 44 keys RGB IR Remote Controller ESCRIPTION:

Working temperature: -20℃+45℃Remote distance: within 25 FT (8m)The controllable distance within 8m,can adjust brightness,change static colors or other effects● The controllable distance within 8m,can adjust brightness,● change static colors or other effects● Turn on/off● Pause/Run:Using under below mode only:JUMP3、JUMP7、FADE3、FAD7、FLASH、AUTO● You can adjust the brightness level of the 20 static colors from bright static colors from bright to dim (8 levels)● You can adjust thebrightness levels of the 20static colors from dim to bright (8 levels)


● 20 Static Colors

● Press DIY1, then press (the arrow key of Red, Green and Blue) to adjust color preferences , then press any other keys to save automatically , DIY2-DIY empathy operation

● Under the modes: JUMP3. JUMP7. FADE3. FADE7. FLASH. AUTO, can speed up the change (8 levels)

● Under the modes: JUMP3. JUMP7. FADE3. FADE7. FLASH AUTO, can slow down the change (8 levels)

● JUMP3. JUMP7. FADE3. FADE7 and FLASH mode automatically cycle

● Turn on the white light strobe mode

● JUMP3: 3 colors jump change

● JUMP7: 7 colors jump change

● FADE3: 3 colors gradient

● FADE7: 7 colors gradien

Products include:

2 Port 44 key led light strip controller x 1RGB led lights remote control x 14 pin needle x 2Double-sided gum x 1led controller with rf remote control manual x 1DC 12 Volt 2 Amps 24W Power Supply Adapter x 1DC Female Power Jack x 1

● Powerful functions: freely adjust R/G/B color, 6 DIY modes, 16 color changes and 4 color changing modes. The machine is equipped with memory function.
● Simple operation :DC12V 2A 24W power adapter, and RGB lamp 44 key RGB controller match, plug and play
● Configuration scheme: 2-Port 44 Keys RGB remote control x 1,UL Certificate DC 12V 2A 24W Power Supply Adapter, specification x 1
● After-sales service: If you have any questions, please refer to the instruction or contact customer service.

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