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Step2 Nautical Rain Showers Bath Set | Bath Boat with Bath Toys, Blue

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Sail the high seas of bath time with the Nautical Rain Showers Bath Set. Your little one can be the captain of their ship, the master of rain and water, or the daring pirate! Their imaginations will flourish as they explore this fun bath toy. Do you have two water-loving toddlers? This bath set can be used by both! Each child can claim their side of the tub and dive into the aquatic fun. The bath boat is also a great way to prevent your little one from touching the faucet and water handles during bath time!
Pour water over spinner and create a rain effect over the bath water
Imaginative play that encourages critical thinking and sensory exploration
Great for independent and parallel play
Adjustable grips fit most bathtubs
In the box: Rain showers bath boat with adjustable grips, water spinner, two-sided suspended cup platform, whale rinse cup, and three floating character figures—crab, walrus, and pelican

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