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Zatarain’s Roasted Garlic Adobo Brown Rice With Black Beans, 5.7 oz

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Inspired by the Caribbean influence in New Orleans cuisine, Roasted Garlic Adobo combines the bold flavor of fire-roasted bell peppers, savory onions and roasted garlic to season this easy whole grain brown rice and black beans dish. This rice mix honors the culinary diversity of New Orleans’ Garden District, a neighborhood of historic mansions and gardens. It’s near where Emile Zatarain founded the storefront company over a century ago. Roasted Garlic Adobo Brown Rice with Black Beans is an authentic flavor combination of roasted bell peppers, onion, garlic, red pepper, lime juice, brown rice and black beans. The 10-minute cook time is ideal for weeknight meals and it contains an impressive 11g protein and 12g fiber per serving*. * See nutrition information for sodium content.

Carbs you can love AND contains 11g protein and 12g fiber per serving*
Great for every day dinners — cooks in just 10 minutes
No artificial flavors and no colors from artificial sources; gluten free
For a Caribbean “power bowl,” top with red onion, corn, avocado and sprouts

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