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Spytec GPS M2 Weatherproof Magnetic Case for GL300 Real-Time GPS-Trackers

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Price: $19.95

M2 Weatherproof Magnetic Case About: The M2 Weatherproof Magnetic Case is the perfect companion for your GL300 GPS / GX350 Trackers. It uses a sturdy magnetic mount that keeps your GPS tracker firmly attached to the bottom of a car or a large piece of equipment. With its sleek, compact design, you can track cars and assets without bringing attention to yourself. Protect your GL300 / GX350 from the road with the M2 weatherproof Magnetic Case.
Magnetic Weatherproof Case – Provides FIRM Magnetic Mount which is the key to knowing the Spytec GPS M2 case will remain securely attached
The sturdy and weatherproof design is perfect for long term GPS tracking, suitable for use on moving vehicles outdoors – keeping the interior safe from moisture and corrosion
Compatible with: Spytec GPS GL200, GL-300 and GL300MA GPS Trackers
Includes 2 powerful magnets to attach to any asset’s surface.
This extremely covert design measures only 3.9″ x 3.3″ x 2.2″ and is built with durable PC and ABS plastics for long term protection and monitoring

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