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Simrad NSS7 Evo3, MFD/Sonar, Insight Charts

Price: $1,299.00

Semrad NSS7 Evo3, MFD/Sonar, Insight Charts

MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR BOAT: Navigate, find fish, and take total control of your on-water experience with NSS evo3.
TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY: With NSS evo3 switch seamlessly between intuitive touchscreen control with multi-touch gestures and a built-in keypad with rotary control.
EASY NAVIGATION: Every NSS evo3 display is a full-featured chart plotter navigation display with a built-in GPS receiver.
SOLARMAX HD: Get a clear view under any lighting conditions. The NSS evo3 is engineered to withstand the heat of the summer sun. Optically bonded to prevent condensation or fogging within the display.
BUILT-IN ECHOSOUNDER: NSS evo3’s built-in echo sounder enables a range of sonar transducer options (sold separately). Structures can HD imaging, Forwards can sonar, and CHIRP-enabled sonar.
SIMPLE NETWORKING: NSS evo3 makes it easy to create multi-display systems and link your displays to all of your on-board electronics.
material type: Plastic

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Buy it Now! Only $1,299.00

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