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LYYAN 32/42/46 Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV, Internet TV Shareable Screen with HDMI USB SD and AC/DC

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Price: $382.02

product description:
Type: LCD TV
Panel type: IPS (hard screen)
Screen ratio: widescreen 16:9
Interface type: USB, HDMI, DVI, AV, headphone jack, S-video interface, VGA, RF radio frequency interface, component interface of component
The highest resolution: 1920 * 1080
Operating system: Android
Best viewing distance: 4m (inclusive) -4.8m (not included)
Energy efficiency rating: two
Network connection: support wired and wireless
Screen refresh rate: 60Hz
Number of speakers: 2
Packing list: TV, power cord, remote control, manual, wall mount, base, accessories screws
Working voltage (V): 220
Power supply (W): 75
Internal storage space: 8g
Number of HDMI ports: 2
3D type: Polarized 3D
Stacking layer limit: 2 layers
Screen size: 32-inch UHD TV version, 32-inch UHD online version, 42-inch UHD TV version, 42-inch UHD online version, 46-inch UHD TV version, 46-inch UHD online version

*Wireless screen projection: Exciting smart experience, remote control of mobile phone! The content on the mobile phone and PAD can be completely and completely projected on the TV, and can be operated and watched on the mobile device, which actually makes the mobile device and the TV completely contact. (Network support)
*No watermark, no afterimage: Smart TV adopts original LED LCD screen, the liquid crystal structure is firm and stable, no watermark.
*Powerful video library: Smart TV has built-in a variety of classified video resources, rich program content and beautiful pictures.
*Ultra-clear screen: A + ultra-clear LCD screen + HDR image decoding, which improves the quality of multi-effect images, the picture is more delicate and lifelike, and the colors are brighter and moving.
*Applications: Smart TV can choose various applications. According to personal hobbies, you can install movies, games, education and fitness to meet your various needs.

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